Jennifer Vitalia



Jennifer Vitalia is an Multi talented and award winning Artist.  Born in New Jersey, she works in the mediums of:  Fine Arts, Design, Photography and Visual Arts, She is to say the least very passionate about the Art industry. Her art background goes back to her youth, where she spent time learning to freehand draw under her grandmother’s teachings, who was an art school teacher.  For nearly two decades after college, Jennifer Vitalia has been a professional artist.  She has done everything from Photography to Fine Art to Interior Design to Furniture to Sculpting to Body Painting with each medium reaching awards. 

Her work has made her a Featured Artist of: Build Magazine, Fashion Weeks in NY,  Latin Mixx Awards Showcased Artwork, The International Contemporary Masters, Featured designer on Charish,, Build,,,,, the 2010 American Breast Cancer Society Benefit, the NYE Body Painting at Trump Plaza, The Cancer Benefit “Silhouettes & Sounds”, “Rock the Block” America's Next Top Model Art Event, Chelsea Art Directory.  Aside from those events, she’s been hired and works with G-Unit ads, Artist Makeup Academy, Contracted Amazon Business development, Steve Angelo,  Ice-T, Diddy, Vida Guerra, Rafael Casal and many more.  

​From 2011 - 2014, Jennifer Vitalia was the creator of EIA (everything is art) magazine in her free time. During this time, she personally interviewed artists and built a platform for them to promote and sell their artwork. In addition to the design of the magazine, Jennifer hosted spotlight gallery shows, served as a juror for galleries looking for the next big artist, and consulted artists.

Jennifer has personally interviewed and worked with many big-name artists: Russell Simmons, David Bromstad, Ami James, Kitchen Cousins (HGTV), Gotye, Brandon Boyd, Antonio Ballatore, Justin Bua and more. 

Armed with several paint brushes, colored acrylics, oils, body paints, and large canvas, Jennifer began painting in an abstract style.  She felt compelled to chase the visual forms of emotion believing in more depth of experience, rather than just producing an obvious interpretation.  Her techniques of blending degrees of colors, pressure of brush strokes, incorporating few written words, and creating visual forms that are both existent and imaginative, seemed to come together in breathtaking pieces that hold you in front of the canvas, fascinating your eyes and inspiring your thoughts.  Though predominantly painting in the abstract style, Jennifer also works her ideas into the art of photography, where she turns the human form into a moving canvas of expression & idea.  Her camera work primarily focuses on highlighting specific colors and the positioning of forms to produce striking abstract & vocal messages.