This custom ordered Bombay's chest was ordered for a bathroom re-design. This piece is done in black and gold tones. About six different monochromatic golds were applied using thin fine art brushes. I do not use stencils, or any applications like that, I do a light sketch for perspective first and then let the piece come to life how it or the client wants it to.

This piece will be receiving a marble top and vessel top sink. The matching mirror was done to tie the two pieces together. While I was doing this piece about 25 hours into the painting, I actually hurt my hand (of course it is my painting hand that I always hurt) and had a hard time because my hand needed to be wrapped for a few days. My hand was shaking a lot so I had to pause for a day and come back to it.

I finished the placements and about 8 layers at that time, so it was the cleaning review and really fine details that needed to be finished. Even though the client loved it, I asked my very good friend and incredibly talented artist Rolo to come in and help me with the flowers the last day. After looking at a piece for so long and knowing your hand is not doing its job you need reassurance that a tree actually looks like a tree. (The curse and blessing of being an artist) This is when you call your artist friends because they will tell you, the brutally honest truth (and yes it hurts at times but they mean well). They know if you can do better and will always inspire you because they think the same way you do.

Rolo is the behind the scene face for probably just about every TV, Comics, Movies and Commercials you have seen. He does all the storyboards for major companies, he knows details and how important one little wrong line can ruin an entire painting. Trust your professional and when I say this I mean really professional, I just do not mean a friend that does art in their spare time or as a side hobby. I mean the ones who live and breathe it, day in and day out, have studied it their whole life... Those are the ones you need feedback from, They will be the ones who push you further, make you paint more and create more. They are priceless, hold them close.

If you are the professional one and you have friends that aren't professional level yet, it is also your job as an artist to help them, push them, do not let them throw away their talent, it's the artist code in life.


Now back to the painting side, I have many different brushes, that I use. Some I use once and throw away for numerous reasons, others have been with me for at least 25 years, they look like they have been in a war, but they are my favorite and my go too's. I used a few of these brushes on this piece because they are super fine and priced well enough that they can be thrown out.

So what is Chinoiserie anyway?


Chi·noi·se·rie (NOT: CHINO -ERIE)

The basic definition of it is:

The imitation or evocation of Chinese motifs and techniques in Western art, furniture, and architecture, especially in the 18th century.

chinoiserie objects or decorations

Pretty simple definition right?, Do not let that definition fool you, there is loads of history and dynamics to this style. You can learn more briefly about the style HERE

This style can also be referred to as Asian Themed, Chinese Themed, Parisian, Ancient Chinese Traditional Painting, Sumi to name a few.

A great way to incorporate this into your home is by: wallpaper, decor, furniture and smaller items in home decor.

Some Of My Favorite Interiors In The Chinoiserie Style.

I love everything about this design. Gracie Stuio has AMAZNIG wallpaper to achieve and add elegance to your room. This company is a MUST have if you are a designer looking for unique wallpaer for your clients.

Gracie Studio

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