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This was a sideboard that a client had herself and sent in to be refinished. The color palette in here was a mixture of about 16 different color pigments used in the one piece.

What makes these pieces so timeless is their ability to blend with so many different types of interior furniture / decor. Here are two examples of two similar sideboards refinished here but have two completely different looks to them. Each piece reflects my clients personality which is how your home should feel, It should feel like you and bring a touch of happy to your day.

This color palette was a mixture of about 16 different color pigments in the greens and copper hues. I do not uses waxes or anything like that. I f I cannot paint in freehand, I should not be in the art industry this long and should turn in my paint brushes now. (jk, I can never do that, I would go insane without art).

In this sideboard, we went with a matte black and the original wood color. To refinish these can be a bit tricky as sometimes they have veneers so you have to be able to match up the colors or it just doesn't work well at all and it will look shabby cheap looking and none of my clients want that look on these pieces.

Some of these pieces are so rare, depending on the manufacture, age and so many different factors that they can range in prices at auctions and from certified antique dealers into six figures.

The MOST important aspect of furniture is knowing the history of the piece so you can accurately asses current values. If you are unsure of the value please and I cannot stress this enough...Get the piece appraised before anyone restores it, by a certified antique appraiser: not a blog, not a board, not even me... I myself am not a certified appraiser, I know a-lot but professionally, I cannot legally appraise your pieces. Sorry! That is years and years and even more years of college, an intense amount of a broad range master knowledge in antiques and I have the upmost respect for professional appraisers. Thier knowledge is priceless.

I myself choose to get some pieces appraised for my clients before I start any work on them. Some sideboards you simply should just not paint and it is vital to learn the differance before a $10,000 piece will turn into a piece worth $0, due to being painted incorrectly, or simply not knowing exactly what type of piece you have in your possesion. Do your homework! it will save you a headache in the end.

The last two sideboard examples were done in a somewhat close color, however above is a VItalia Slate Gray Mix and The Bottom Is a Vitalia Denim Blue.

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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