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The twin armoires were for my client, whom I will refer to as Dr.  K, as she just happens to be a doctor that brings joy into our world one baby at a time.

These armoires were solid oak and heavy is an understatement! We originally had different armoires in the works, but then I came across these and just fell in love instantly.

After I picked my jaw up from the floor, I showed Dr.  K and before you knew it, I had these armoires moving across state lines so fast because these were the “ones”. This won’t be their only journey as their final home will take them to Mississippi. That’s of course once it is finished being built.

These armoires were originally stained a dark brown color and were stunning on their own.

However, style changes over the years and the brown was just not the color for their intended space.

Since Dr. K’s house is a new construction home, I had a lot of flexibility in creating the colors for the armoires. We had some certain fabrics and design styles that we wanted them to coordinate with as the armoires will end up being in the same room.

However, I was allowed a lot of creative freedom when designing these pieces which is how all artists work the best.

Are they identical? Nope.

Should they be? It depends on the design.

Each armoire has different components inside so when opened, each will have its own personality.

To create this I used only three colors white, blue, and black which allowed me to make about 44 different shades for the twins finish.

Congratulations Dr. K on your beautiful brand “new” twins!

I will adore you DR.K forever!


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