I think my clients are sent to me for a reason. Diane is one of them.  

Diane lives about 40 minutes away from me, so we went through the crazy from this covid since both in NJ. We live in such a crazy world right now. People are losing their jobs, loved ones, sanity and we think everyone just has gone mad. People are so angry now in the world, stressed out, on edge... 

So she wanted what we all want and deserve, a bedroom that she loved, and when she laid down in her room it made her happy and relaxed. The stress of the world and any hell we walk/ walked/ walking through gets a little less quiet. A bedroom where when we lay down we have peace instead and is the best room in the house. 

I am honored that she asked me to be a part of this bedroom.  I gained such an amazing friend - this woman has fire and can handle anything, strong but she has peace. I love it! 

For me this master bedroom wraps up life in some ways:  push forward always, know there will always be better days, if you have to take a day to stay in bed all day... that is ok, you need it and do it! Blackout curtains that allow light in the day are a must, one day at a time, and life is really way too short to have nothing less than peace in your head. Love yourself and always do what makes YOU happy! 

Below are some pictures she took of her new room. It's light, coastal, and just relaxing.  We also did a sideboard which came out amazing and I am just slightly obsessed a new teal combo paint color I started making by mistake! (Loooovveeeee when that happens) I will post a blog about that room soon. 

We still have more pieces to complete still because well covid basically just caused chaos. 2020 is great! 🥴 She gave me full freedom, allowed me to just go to town with the design from what she described she wanted.

We think it turned out great.  She says she loves it and I believe her 😉 

Hope you guys do too!



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