Hey Everyone, So, as requested, I have started a blog. Bare with me here, I am not the best at it.

Here are some details about this MASSIVE desk I refinished last week. First let me say, this desk was BEYOND GORGEOUS! It took three men to carry it! The desk had double-sided handles and was six feet long by five feet wide. I could literally lay on this desk and no body parts would have hung off. HUGE! And I loved it!

I found this desk for my fantastic client in North Carolina, who requested a custom desk and two nightstands (which I already refinished). She wanted a slate gray finish. The desk had a locking feature that was really interesting, and it took my friend Jessica and I a couple tries to figure out how to get into the locked drawers, as there was no key.

Once the sanding, painting, and restoration of the handles was complete and my client approved, it was off to North Carolina. My guys that delivered the piece are truly amazing. I don’t know how they carried it! Everything gets wrapped in plastic, then blanket wrapped, and then another layer of plastic. A little neurotic? Trust me, I am well aware of this.

I hope you guys liked seeing pictures of the piece. Let me know your thoughts.


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