Roberts Clocks...

This project was for an NYC restored Brownstone which has an owner (Robert) that appreciates all the beautiful details that went into brownstone designs and craftsmanship. 

Ahh NYC brownstones-heart palpitating.

Robert is an artist himself so he understands and appreciates colors along with the language artists use making it beyond easy and enjoyable to work with him. It also helped that this was not our first project together so there was a certain level of familiarity and comfort. 

The color palette used was made from a HEX blue shade along with a variety of gold pigments for the floor and clocks. All the paint was custom made in

the studio. This was the top floor’s color palette as each floor has its own personality with modern touches while leaving the original aspects of the architure of the home. The brownstone was built in 1878, so returning it back to its original floors, moldings, pocket doors which are absolutely amazing. Everyone should leave the original hardwood floors and restore them because they are amazing, redone. I LOVE the clean lines and look of restored hardwood floors.  The combination of new and old gives is a sophisticated and warm touch. 

Initially, these were intended to be on either side of the fireplace but turned out working well flanking a huge window overlooking the brownstones beautiful backyard while the city skyline illuminated in the background.  Any piece in a home should adaptable to be moved around and should. Once you have a design color palette down, it’s pretty easy to pull a room together. The clocks looked great by the fireplace but, as with any room, sometimes it screams to be used someplace else. In this case, we have the light from the skylights hitting redone floors that are light in color so the reflections were in the brass family which made the brass and gold accent pop even more. Robert and I both said, “Oh yeah, definitely over there!” 

The painted grandfather clocks were a perfect touch to the renovation as they were on the same floor as a new gourmet kitchen, with white marble countertops, beautiful original molding, high ceilings, skylights, and the original refinished hardwood floors. 

Hand Painted Grandfather Clocks - Jennifer Vitalia Design

The clocks had to work with the rest of the    brownstone and color palette. The left is a Howard Miller Clock with a two-toned metal face. This was a delicate project to undertake as one wrong move while restoring it and say goodbye to any value. 

Howard Miller is well known as the world's largest grandfather clock manufacturer. The company was founded in 1926 by himself at the age of 21! Howard Miller clocks can range from an average: $50-$50,000. The craftsmanship is impeccable and is made to last a lifetime and be passed down through generations. Simply timeless.

Hope You like, Thank you,


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