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They say opposites attract and that is absolutely true even when mixing the hardness of metals and softness of a light color palette. 

Metals are just like any other color, it falls down to basic art foundations; know your palette. 

Cynthia’s custom-ordered armoire was made for empty wall space. This piece could have easily gone with a huge oversized floor mirror to reflect and expand the area or even more artwork.  The colors of creams, golds, silvers, grays, and tans already found within the room so we went with a French reproduction style armoire this time. 

This particular space had an open kitchen, living and dining room concept with light-colored walls. It holds a sophisticated yet comfortable design using accents throughout the space to include different metals & textures from the light fixtures down to the throw pillows. This exemplifies the beauty of mixing the hardness of metals with a soft color palette. 

Armoires are for any room in my opinion and can be used for a variety of reasons. In this room, it will be used for storage and design aesthetic. 

Since this is a custom piece,  I made this color design using at least 3/4 shades of each color: creams, whites, silvers, golds, grays, tans and blacks. 



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